Omni-healthsolution is committed to providing patients and healthcare workers with the COVID-19 products they need to fight the virus’s spread and efficiently care for those in requirement. We are aggressively helping the people and offering new medical products to serve better and protect our affected populations.

Stay safe by taking some simple precautions if COVID-19 is spreading in your community, such as physical distancing, wearing a KN95 mask, 3-Ply mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, wash your hands or use gloves, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. We at Omni-health solution are proud to help America’s students, faculty, schools, and consumers with quality PPE, including face masks, alcohol wipes, alcohol prep pads, nurse caps, dental barrier films, gloves like nitrile gloves powder free, black nitrile exam powder-free gloves and other PPE.
Masks should be used as part of an all-inclusive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives; using a mask alone is not adequate to provide a sufficient level of protection against Coronavirus.
For health workers, COVID-19 medical products are necessary personal protective gear when engaging with patients with suspected, likely, or confirmed COVID-19. Respirator masks like KN95 and gloves should be used in settings where systems generating aerosols are performed and must be matched to guarantee the right size is worn.
Our products can be both sterile and non-sterile, used in non-surgical systems by medical and paramedical staff to guarantee protection for the patient and the worker. They can be made of both synthetic or natural material and are available in multiple shapes and sizes. Our products are disposable or reusable.
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