Exam gloves are the norm whenever there’s a method where infertility and disinfection are required. Our exam gloves protect the wearer from toxic chemicals, biohazards, and other probably hazardous materials, whether the user is in a healthcare facility or in any condition where there are infection perils.

Exam gloves also are to shield the sufferer from any cross-contamination during exams or medical methods. Medical exam gloves on Omni-health solution range in multiple sizes, thicknesses, and material. Exam gloves are available in various famous brands at affordable prices.
Our gloves are used to protect patient health and caregiver. These gloves offer a shielding barrier between any disease that the caregiver may be carrying and what the patient may have. This barrier decreases the hazard of the virus. There are three different kinds of medical gloves in everyday use;


Latex is made from the natural material, “Rubber.” It is most frequently used in medical procedures.


Vinyl is a synthetic human-made material made of synthetic with a combination of ethylene and chlorine. It is a cost-effective option often used in food handling.


Nitrile is also a plastic material but is made from a combination of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is exceptionally flexible, resistant to punctures, resistant to substances, and readily conforms. It is used in medical systems, maintenance, horticulture, and a host of other practices because of its sturdiness.
Each glove kind has its own benefits and drawbacks. Shop NOW from our incredible collection!

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