Cool Blue Nitrile Exam Powder-Free Gloves


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Packing: 200pcs per box / 10bx per case (XL 180pcs per box)
Description: Finger textured, 3 mil+/-

GLV-031Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – X-S, [200pcs/BX]
GLV-032Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – Small, [200pcs/BX]
GLV-033Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – Medium, [200pcs/BX]
GLV-034Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – Large, [200pcs/BX]
GLV-035Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – X-L, [200pcs/BX]

Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – X-S, [200pcs/BX], Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – Small, [200pcs/BX], Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – Medium, [200pcs/BX], Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – Large, [200pcs/BX], Nitrile Exam Violet (200pcs) – X-L, [200pcs/BX]


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