Dental Bibs, 13″ x 18″, 3-Ply 500/pcs


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Dental Bibs are high quality, standard sized bibs constructed of 2-ply paper with 1-ply waterproof poly backing. The paper layers absorb fluids while the poly backing resists any soak through, maximizing patient protection. The Dental Bibs are 13″ long by 18″ wide and available in your choice of seven colors.

  • 2-ply paper with polyethylene backing provides protection against soak-through.
  • Available in White, Blue, Mint Green, Mauve, Lavender and Black.
  • Size: 13″x 18″
PAD-012Dental Bib 3-ply 13″ x 18″ Green,  [500pcs/BX]
PAD-013Dental Bib 3-ply 13″ x 18″   Pink, [500pcs/BX]
PAD-016Dental Bib 3-ply  13″ x 18″ Blue, [500pcs/BX]



Dental Bib 13" x 18" Blue, [500pcs/BX], Dental Bib 3-ply 13" x 18" Green, [500pcs/BX], Dental Bib 3-ply 13" x 18" Pink, [500pcs/BX]


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