Self-sealing sterilization pouches


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Self-sealing sterilization pouches feature a double adhesive seal for added safety of the contents. They provide three major benefits to the sterilization process: Sterility – A White indicator strip on each pouch clearly confirms the sterility of the instrument inside by changing to Brown. Simplicity – They are easy to use. Place the item in the pouch and seal by hand. It is easy to identify what is inside through the “clear view” front panel. Economy – There is no need for expensive sealing equipment or time consuming wrapping and packing techniques. Clear front panel is backed with medical grade paper, providing good wet strength properties for steam sterilization. Suitable for use with Ethylene Oxide gas or steam sterilizers. Dimensions: 90mm x 260mm Packed in 100 pieces.

WSC-033Sterile Peel Pouch  3.5″ X 10″,  [200pcs/BX]
WSC-035Sterile Peel Pouch  5.25″ X 10″, [200pcs/BX]
WSC-037Sterile Peel Pouch  7.5″ X 13″, [200pcs/BX]
WSC-041Sterile Peel Pouch  2.25″ X 5, [200pcs/BX]
WSC-042Sterile Peel Pouch  3.25″ X 6.5″, [200pcs/BX]
WSC-043Sterile Peel Pouch  2.75″ X 9″, [200pcs/BX]



Sterile Peel Pouch 3.5" X 10", [200pcs/BX], Sterile Peel Pouch 5.25" X 10", [200pcs/BX], Sterile Peel Pouch 7.5" X 13", [200pcs/BX], Sterile Peel Pouch 2.25" X 5, [200pcs/BX], Sterile Peel Pouch 3.25" X 6.5", [200pcs/BX], Sterile Peel Pouch 2.75" X 9", [200pcs/BX]


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